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Logie Coldstone is a small community at the foot of Morven in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. It is situated in the Howe of Cromar, about midway between Aboyne and Ballater.
Logie Coldstone Trust, which owns and manages the hall, is Registered Charity SC011363.
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Mid-winter dawn sky
Stunning mid-winter sky at dawn in the village

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► Curling Club Ceilidh, 4 April 2020
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Logie Coldstone Community Cafe - first Friday morning each month (except January) - a warm welcome, nice cuppa, lovely baking and good company from 9.45am - 12 noon. To view the poster, please CLICK HERE. To read the article, please CLICK HERE
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Diary for Monday, 30 March 2020
to Monday, 6 April 2020
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